BarkBox Giveaway Drawing

Cao & Dory await the BarkBox

Cao & Dory await the BarkBox

As you can see, Dory and Cao can hardly wait for the arrival of Cao’s first BarkBox.

Luckily, your dog need not go without much longer either – I’ve got one free BarkBox to give away! The $29 gift can be used for one free BarkBox, or for a serious discount on a three month subscription. BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that provides a box of toys and snacks customized by size. All the products are carefully selected for quality. New toys are a great way to motivate your dog! To avoid toy overload (and keep your floors devoid of traps), it’s a good idea to rotate their favorites in and out weekly.

To enter the drawing, comment below with your pup’s name and a future post topic that you would most like to see! Entries will be closed this Saturday, July 20 at midnight, MST, and the winner will be announced Sunday, July 21st on the blog.


One thought on “BarkBox Giveaway Drawing

  1. Our dog’s shelter name was ‘Winky’, but he only has one eye…so we immediately changed it to Dumpling.

    I’d love to see some recipes for homemade dog treats/food!

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